If you are the kind of person who love to study and work with social science, you need to get into a law school. However, a study of law consists of a lot of categories. Law is a set of rules created and enforced through governmental and social organizations to regulate certain behaviors. Law is abiding by the rules regulated over a community in order to ensure proper functionality of that community. Without these rules, the community cannot be composed, and may lead to chaos. This is the reason law is given premier importance among all the other education paths.

Main subject domains:

In order to make law as your career option, it is important to choose the course that suits you that you are going to study very carefully. Some main subject domains under the law are: Legal history, economic analysis, sociology and philosophy. If you have to get into law school, you may have to study your undergraduate course.

The following are the list of undergraduate degree courses that you can opt in these subject domains:

  • History– 85% of the students got admitted into law school from this domain from 2016 to 2017 with a student population of about 3500 law school applicants. Average score of LSAT for this batch of law applicants was 156 out of 180. According to a recent analysis of the LSAT, over 3,138 applicants were traced and the average scored was 156.3 out of 180 and 85% of the students were picked and assigned to the law schools. To have a strong foundation of history for law, it is expected to have good knowledge about American Legal system development. Majors in history is viewed challenging, it is also one of the kind of subject domain which can be done by many students as well.
  • Political Science– this is the area which most of the students opt as it is a subject having to cover all the concepts of civics, meaning; everything you need to know about civilization. Since many students opt for this domain, there happen to be a maximum number of applicants from the field of political science. Another reason this domain is recommended is because it’s very closely linked to the legal systems. According to the recent examination information got, 11,347 applications were received with an average score of 153.6 out of which 80% of the students were placed in law schools. Political science is under the realm of social science. The main focus here is on government systems, thereby on the political behavior.
  • Economics– it is an interesting major to be selected if you are interested to work with corporate law, intellectual property rights and many other specializations. There were around 2,757 with an average score of 159 and 86% of selected students in this field. It is a recommended field to opt.
  • Psychology– is another such field which is much required for law students. It has around 2, 238 applicants with scores of 157.2 and 83% of students get selected for this field.

The below infographic shows mean LSAT scores of specific undergraduate majors:

Choosing A Path

While there are certainly some undergraduate degrees that are more advantageous for pursuing law school there is no perfect choice. Another thing to consider is if you want to keep your options open to avenues other than law school. Certain degrees may keep other doors open. Maybe you decide you want to start the next best hookup app rather than venturing into law. For tech and app development you may want to focus on computer science and this wouldn’t remove the option to get your J.D. in the future. This all to say that there is no singular path to the educational and career pursuit of law.

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