Most Prestigious U.S. Law Schools

Most Prestigious U.S. Law Schools

For those preparing to study law school in the United States, you are certainly eager to get to the best law school where you can study your Law degree. Law schools are ranked by far the most stable ones within the past two decades as well as their accreditation.

American law schools have an excellent tradition of providing excellent academic teaching. As much as it is very important to take notes of your annual school rankings it is highly recommended that you make a final decision that is based on multiple criteria that is set by your own judgement. In order to be admitted in a Law school in the united states there are certain requirements which one is required to achieve.

Yale University

Yale University is one of the best colleges in the United States that offers Law degree programs. Students get to attend a full-time program where the student to faculty ration is 4.2:1. At this very highly ranked law school traditional grades no longer exist. During the first year of study students are not graded then afterwards they are graded by honors, pass, credit or failure. They have very small class sizes often less than 20 students.

There are no areas of concentration in Yale, though students have the option to tailor their courses so as to suite their own interest. They also have joint degrees which are provided in conjunction with other professions including the highly ranked school of management. Students get to take courses without the integration of a second major.

With over 20 legal clinics in the campus students enjoy the privilege of immersing themselves in real-life legal experiences as early as their first year of study. Students also get a chance of representing real clients in disputes, domestic violence and apartment evictions among many more.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers full time law degree program where the school has a student to faculty ratio of 5.1:1. It is ranked number four among the top best law schools in the country.

Stanford University

The law school at Stanford is one of the best in the country and they offer a full-time degree program. They have a student to faculty ratio of 4:1. It is ranked number two among the best law schools in the country based on their performance index.

Harvard Law School

The Law school at Harvard university offers a full-time program where the students – faculty ratio is 7.6:1. Students during their first year test their legal skills by helping local musicians understand their copyright laws, represent state inmates’ disciplinary hearings among other opportunities. Older students get to partake in HLS legal clinics which is the largest in the world. All the students have to go through at least 40 hours of pro bono, volunteer or work before graduating.

Columbia University

The Law School at Columbia University offers full-time program for law students with a student to faculty ratio of 4.9:1. It is ranked number 5 among the best law schools based on their performance index.

New York University

The Law school at New York offers a full-time application program at the school of law in New York. The University has a student to faculty ratio of 5.3:1. The students get an interactive course as well as practical legal experience during their schools lawyering program. During the second and third year the students get the privilege to test their skills and knowledge in more than 30 legal clinics and 25 on-campus centers. This allows students to be exposed to all different types of law including cyber law and copyright auditing adult sites and free sex sites.

University of Pennsylvania

The law School at the University of Pennsylvania offers a full-time application program where they have a student to faculty ratio of 4.9:1. While at the campus professional students can put a cross-disciplinary slant on their education. The students can enroll in courses in other academic departments as well as other professions.

University of Virginia

University of Virginia Law school offers a full-time program at the school of law in Virginia. The student to faculty ratio is 6.5:1 and like all other academic departments the University operates on strict, student honor system. The students are able to tailor their education at special schools for instance the Center of Oceans Law and Policy and the Center for National Security Law.

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