The Different Types of Law Practiced in the U.S

The Different Types of Law Practiced in the U.S

What are the laws of the United States?

There are various forms of laws such as codified or uncodified law which are being practiced in the United States. The laws of the U.S are derived from 5 sources that is statutory law, constitutional law, administrative laws, common laws that includes case law and treaties. The constitution of the U.S has set its boundary for the federal law, that includes the treaties by the Senate, acts of congress (it is a statute by the U.S Congress which acts as a public law when it comes to the general public and also private when it is regulated for specific institutions), the regulations that are promoted by the executive branches and the law that is originated from federal judiciary that is the ‘case law’. Basically statutes mean the laws that are imposed and are accepted by the legislative bodies such as the United States Congress as well as the state legislatures. So the various levels of laws of the U.S. include Federal law, State laws and local Laws and many more.

The different types of laws that are practiced in the United States:

The various types of laws in the U.S is what helps to provide a wide variety of scope to its students in learning about the laws and implementing it on a daily basis. Education in this field acts as a great part of life which helps the student in exploring. Also, knowing about various laws might get your attention towards learning law and the exact type of it. So let’s have a look at the few of the different types of law that is practiced in the United States.

  • Civil right laws mainly focus on balancing the competition of interests between the individual or a group of individual (having same interest) in one hand and the institutions of government on the other hand. The lawyers who practice these laws deal with cases such as discrimination and liberties such as employment, housing, expression, education and many other entitlements and also the unfair practices that break the terms given on rights.
  • Criminal laws which basically focuses on the behaviors that are put under the criminal code and is also known as the illegal works. The district attorneys as well as the Prosecutors can sanction the illegal behavior whereas the lawyers stand for the client is accused of the criminal behavior. It is the reason why the security of individual interests and the groups are protected.
  • Bankruptcy law is applied to the situation where insolvency takes place, it might be the problems of individuals or even some organizations. The important effect part on the bankruptcy procedure is possible by State laws. The constitution directly issues such type of cases and this is in the domain of federal issues. United States bankruptcy code is a subset of the United States code.This is bankruptcy law.
  • Business or Corporate law This corporate or business law involves the dissolution, formation as well as many of the legal aspects that are of the administration of the corporation. Acquisitions, mergers, reorganization of internal parts and the disputes that take place between the individuals concerned for liability and the various corporations, compliance with federal law as well as state laws, patents, and also many of the international records are the typical duties that corporate lawyers have to deal with. All this kind of cases are best handled by lawyers who have good knowledge of business law or corporate law. In house counsel a legal professional whose sole (the only) client is a corporation.
  • Admiralty or Maritime Law: The admiralty or maritime law basically deals with the various kinds of property disputes which includes marine trade, navigation, sailors or activities which is based on land which by nature is maritime. This law also regulates economic transactions. Well, let me clear this out to you that, Maritime law is not at all the synonymous for “laws of the sea”, which is the realm of the international law for public as well as deals with many other rights such as the right to minerals, navigate or coastal waters jurisdiction.
  • Environmental law: This law mostly concerns regulations, treaties or a multitude of statutes, and also the conventions which are based on federal, state and transnational law. Advocacy organizations, government agencies or individual can be represented by legal professionals who keep on practicing in such fields. The cases involving curbing of pollution or the disputes about the lands as well as littoral use and also the management of natural resources are the types of cases that most gains the focus of the Environmental lawyers.
  • Entertainment law: This law is basically related to Intellectual property. The compliance with regulations for the amateurs athletics as well as professional athletics. This law is more specific in the case of arts, television, music, athletics or sports or simply cinemas.

So these are few of the types of laws that are practiced in the United States and have their own advantages and few disadvantages.

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